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Located in downtown Prescott, Ontario, we buy, sell and collect used and antique furniture, as well as retro and vintage items.

We feel its time to bring back a time when things were unique and well made.

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What is a Forwarder?

The forwarding trade was very important to Prescott.  Sailing ships could not pass through the rapids after Montreal.  Their freight was unloaded at the Prescott port and was “forwarded” to its destination by men known as “forwarders”.

When the boats stopped in Prescott, many people decided to stay, rather than continue their journey.  The forwarding trade flourished before the coming of the railways and canals, bringing imports and taking exports on their way to markets abroad.

Prescott Forwarders

  • McLean and McMillan
  • Jones and Van Slyck
  • John McPherson and Co.
  • Alpheus Jones
  • Alfred Hooker
  • Samuel Crane
  • Timothy Buckley

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